You are the unexpected item in the bagging area of my heart.
Sylvia Plath (via newfavething)

(via newfavething)

Well THIS is exciting

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My questions (tagged by timeswhenlucywasright)

1) You are having a dinner party. What will you serve?

Oh god this is such an excellent question. I’m going to have so much fun.

SO. Let’s assume it’s late summer (August), because that informs the menu choices.

People are given gin, elderflower and soda as they come in.

Canapes: hot scotch quails’ eggs. 

Starter: Steamed asparagus with a choice of melted butter or olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, hot crusty granary bed.

Main: Beef Wellington, gravy, wilted spinach with nutmeg, crushed and herbed Jersey Royal potatoes. (Vegetarian: cheddar and broccoli quiche).

Dessert: Summer berry crumble with homemade custard and homemade vanilla ice cream.

Coffee, with petits-fours: pistachio and raspberry macarons, limoncello tartlets.

2) At this dinner party, you may invite eight guests, living or dead or fictional. Who do you invite?

Ok, so this would be WAY too long if I justified all of them at length, so I’ll try to be quick.

i) Odysseus - would have some pretty great stories

ii) St Paul - saw some interesting stuff

iii) Ted Williams - the best Red Sox player of all time

iv) William Pitt the Younger - dominated politics in an extraordinary way

v) Malala Yousafzai - sounds like she’s got some interesting things to say, plus she’s of a not dissimilar age to me

vi) Jane Austen - would be good to talk to her about how not to be so rubbish with girls (and her novels, obvs)

vii) Abraham Lincoln - how cool would it be to show him what the political US is like now?

viii) My best friend Laz, because he’d argue mercilessly with any or all of the above and it would be interesting to watch.

3) Top 5 most played songs

212 - Azealia Banks

Radio Nowhere - Bruce Springsteen

Ain’t Good Enough For You - Bruce Springsteen

Freaks and Geeks - Childish Gambino

Corn Bread - Dave Matthews Band

4) If you weren’t the nationality you are, where would you settle?

Cape Town with a holiday home in Cape Cod. Sun, snow, baseball, cricket, two different political scenes, two radically different cultures. Would be the best thing ever.

5) What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop thinking with your dick all the time and be a nice guy more often. Simple.

6) MI6 ask you to be a spook. What is your response?

Hmm, probably not. Too much stress.

7) If you were to cover one song, what would it be?

'Giants in the Sky' by Stephen Sondheim. If I had to go for a pop song, maybe 'She's Always a Woman' by Billy Joel.

8) Post your favourite selfie or draw a cartoon of your face.

I’m not proud, but it’s the only selfie I have, and I’m pants at drawing.

I was a bit drunk and went on to make many mistakes that evening.

9) In a former life, you were…?

At the insistence of far too many people over the last year, Socrates’s bit on the side at the School of Athens.

10) You have the opportunity to stop a cataclysmic event in the past. Would you do it?

Depends on the event. V hard to say - probably, if it really is cataclysmic.

11) If you could be in one play, film or book adaptation, what would it be, and what role would you take?

Argh. Aaaargh. Probably Mr Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, because he just seems like a really nice but slightly dorky bloke, and things turn out ok in the end for him.

RIGHT. My questions. 

1) What flavour of cake would you choose to eat right now?

2) If you could wake up every day and see one view for the next year, what view would that be?

3) Who was your favourite teacher, and why?

4) If you could change the content of one text, email or message you sent in the past, what would it be and how would you change it?

5) Favourite breakfast food?

6) Do you play sport? If so, what? If not, what would you like to try?

7) Who would play you in a biopic of your life?

8) What’s your dream job (money no object)?

9) What’s your unique talent or party trick?

10) Who should EVERYONE follow on tumblr if they don’t already?

11) What’s your favourite joke?

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Top: 3-run home run, 2nd inning

Bottom: 2-run home run, 4th inning

July 23, 2014 Coliseum

Oakland, California

AP photos



my dad called me and was like “i printed out your reading lists for you at work just in case you want a hard copy. have you noticed it isn’t humanly possible to read this much in such a short span of time? have you thought about this?” 

If anyone asks me to describe Oxford again, I’ll show them this.

days-of-reading hahahaaaaaa wait till you slog through a reading list and produce a meticulously researched essay before hearing your tutor smirk and say something like, ‘Yes, well if you’d read this [a teeny tiny thing at the bottom of the reading list] you’d know that your argument doesn’t really stand’.


A haiku from the article: Fluffy. Tasty. Tricky.


A haiku from the article: Fluffy. Tasty. Tricky.

κύριος γὰρ ὢν ὁ δῆμος τῆς ψήφου, κύριος γίγνεται τῆς πολιτείας. // When the people has the power to vote it has the power to govern.
From the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia, 9.1, translated by N.F.T. (via newfavething)


Trying to see if mother will get me a nice pair of cords for my birthday. Feel I have been suitably subtle and unobtrusive.

Not only was persuasion successful, my FAB new shorts arrived today. Hurrah for fun and responsibly financed clothing choices!

Trying to see if mother will get me a nice pair of cords for my birthday. Feel I have been suitably subtle and unobtrusive.